CVG Spotting June 28, 2015

Where: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG, KCVG: Cincinnati OH, Hebron KY)

With: General Electric GE X450


CVG Air Cargo Carriers Shorts SD3-60 N367AC

Who: Air Cargo Carriers

What: Shorts SD3-60 (N367AC)


CVG ABX B767-200 N798AX

Who: ABX Air (DHL)

What: Boeing B767-200 (N798AX)


CVG ABX B767-200 N775AX

Who: ABX Air (DHL)

What: Boeing B767-200 (N775AX)


CVG Southern Air B737-400 N494SA

Who: Southern Air (DHL)

What: Boeing B737-400 (N494SA)


CVG Endeavor CRJ-900 N901XJ

Who: Endeavor Air (Delta Connection)

What: Bombardier CRJ-900 (N901XJ)


CVG Atlas B767-200 N653GT

Who: Atlas Air (DHL)

What: Boeing B767-200 (N653GT)


CVG Air Wisconsin CRJ-200 N463AW

Who: Air Wisonsin (US Airways Express)

What: Bombardier CRJ-900 (N463AW)

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